Pao-Leng Kung

The painter featured this month is London based Pao-Leng Kung. Her mixed media painting Gentle Monster, is from 2019. Please see below the fold for a short interview.
Gentle monster
Mixed media
Pao-Leng Kung    works in London, and sent us the painting Gentle Monster. Recently featured in Average Art Magazine no 30 we talked about about the use of negative space and three dimensionality of Acrylic paint.
Have you seen any really good painting shows lately?
 I have visited Ryan Sullivan’s show at Sadie Coles HQ. It is intriguing for me, especially the materiality, the texture and those unpredictable moment within every pieces. 
I like this painting from last year, In the Blink of an Eye , is three dimensional assembalge kind of a new direction for you?
2. Indeed, it is one of my approaches. I’m interested in the pictorial and sculptural space. I keep thinking about how to open up the space through my works and the relationship between painting itself and the space around it. That is why I am using irregular surface and found object within my working process so often at this stage.
In the Blink of an Eye  45 x 45cm, 2018
You seem to mostly paint with acrylic paint, Do you think acrylic paint has a different relationship to the found objects you’ve been using then if it were oil?
I’m consistently experimenting different materials and surfaces. The acrylic paint is quite suitable for me to try out.And I even could easily use acrylic paint to make a small sculpture. 
Curious what you’ve been reading lately, any critical or historical texts that are relevant to your work.
 Recently, I do research about Japanese Aesthetic relates to negative space. All my works are based on the concept of ‘negative space’, and I found that there are nuanced differences between Eastern and Western culture. For me, my practise is more similar with the ethereal concept within Japanese Aesthetic.
How about something dumb that you’ve been into lately, like an action movie or something, could you tell us about some guilty pleasure?
Actually, I always feel like I am making dumb stuff when I play with the materials. But those dumb stuffs also have huge potential to inspire me. Full of surprising and unpredictable moment.
3/19, Benjamin  Duax 

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