Pao-Leng Kung

The painter featured this month is London based Pao-Leng Kung. Her mixed media painting Gentle Monster, is from 2019. Please see below the fold for a short interview. Gentle monster 27x22cm Mixed media 2019 Pao-Leng Kung    works in London, and sent us the painting Gentle Monster. Recently featured in Average Art Magazine no 30 we talked about about the use of negative space and three dimensionality of Acrylic paint. Have

Kelly Ewing

  The first recipient of the new year is Belfast based artist Kelly Ewing,  whose paintings  navigate themes of abjection and the monstrous feminine. Through a practice which incorporates painting as a performative act , Ewing investigates the archetype of the ‘monstrous woman’ or ‘femme castratrice’.         The spray paint on the floor is kind of interesting, would you call these paintings  site specific ?   Cool

Bex Massey

  Our Artist for December 2018, is Bex Massey, Based out of London and working in the uneasy space where paintings negotiate their status within a larger immersive work, Bex described her work as reflecting the especially disposable nature of British pop culture.  verisimilitude brushes against neon over saturation and advertising language to create something unnerving. A large portion of the paintings on her website are installed either on the

Jae Jo

  We are pleased to announce the inaugural recipient of the Butterbiggens Prize in British Painting. Jae Jo, coming from Korea by way of the Royal College of Art, creates new constellations of meaning from the detritus of the city. Sensual yet understated paintings which straddle the line between painting and installation. Please see images  of thier work below, as well as a short interview.     Summing up Flexibility