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We are pleased to announce the inaugural recipient of the Butterbiggens Prize in British Painting.

Jae Jo, coming from Korea by way of the Royal College of Art, creates new constellations of meaning from the detritus of the city. Sensual yet understated paintings which straddle the line between painting and installation. Please see images  of thier work below, as well as a short interview.



Summing up Flexibility 5 , acrylic on canvas, 130x130cm, 2018
While Jae was the painter who really caught our attention, we did receive a lot of strong work. In particular, work by the following artists stood out, and we feel bears honourable mention.
Ioana Baltan
Gergely Bukovinszki
Fred Cadium
Arabella Hilfiker
Sarah Victoria Spence
Sam Tahmassebi
Thank you to everyone who submitted, and please see below for a short conversation between Jae Jo and Butterbiggens jurist Ben Duax

How has your painting changed since coming to the UK?

The painting has a tendency to redrawn from its own generative questions so I see practice has to be the exploration of this edge between it being something and yet being part of a risk of disappearing outside of the elected boundary through which it is named. Based on my notion forwards painting, I have started to do wall-painting and created sculpted landscapes. The wall painting as painting degrades to the background while there are an object and performance with a musical instrument and during the process, it remains painting. The performance is a catalyst between painting and sculpture.

These days, However, I express my sensual order by randomly extracting debris of the cityscape, so to say, the leftover fragments of the greater system. I particularly collects vibrant colors from products and outlines from images to recompose them into drawing, painting, sculpture, animation, sound, and installation. Installation works that combine painting and sculpture. Each work articulates a spontaneous movement of an image forming into one lump. As a collection, the unit of time given to each work by myself in accordance with the gallery space as well as the elements of the image continuously gather and disperse. The result is an unexpected scenery of sensation.

Jae enjoys the fruits of her Bursury  

Are there any emerging UK painters whose work your really

excited about?

I had studied painting with Josefina Nelimarkka from Helsinki at Royal College of Art and she is currently in SPACE Art + Technology artist in residence, London. Her exploring the invisible world of air and future climates using materials such as fabrics and glass inspired me a lot. Especially, her work let me think what the painting is.

What about other emerging UK artists?

Olivia Bax, sculptor. I saw his work at FOLD Gallery early this year and I love his magnificent sculpture.

Anyone from your school who you think people should be excited about?

Bianca Barandun has graduated printmaking last year and we met in the same art residency at Unit1 Gallery over a month ago. She makes her own paper to draw and paint. I was so shocked when I first saw this method and of course the outcomes are brilliant.

Any established UK artists that you think are underrated?

A few years ago, I thought Anthea Hamilton was but now… haha

What about an artist from outside the UK that you find exciting?

Erkka Nissinen from Finland. I had a chance to see his works at one of the museum in Helsinki and Blain Southern gallery in London. I really enjoyed his ridiculous animation, weird sculptures and small drawing. His work may not look great at all but super charming stunning and very unique.

Favourite Beatles song?

Of course, Yellow Submarine. Even there is the same title in my work.

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